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How to Protect Folder and File with Password on Windows 7/8/10?

Have you ever noticed that there are so much potential threats on the Internet that may cause data breach or data losing on your PC? If you are person with lots of business secret files or confidential personal information stored in a computer then you should watch out for those cyber criminals and bad guys wondering on the web. There is no doubt that your files and folders in your PC always need protection and a software can keep up with the development of new technology in the computer world will definitely make a difference.

Comparing with folder lock for Android and folder lock for Mac, Password Protect Folder is an outstanding folder locker for password protecting folders on Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP. Advanced Folder Encryption allows you protect folder with password with the using of the most advanced 256-bit on-the-fly Encryption technology and prevent any possible illegal access to your folder and confidential data, hence stop data breach and data leaking effectively. There is no trick can bypass this protection, at the same time no one can access, rename, or copy the data that you protected.

Download Advanced Folder Encryption below and get to know how to password protect folders on Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP in your computer:

Free Download(3.0M)

Step 1 Install Advanced Folder Encryption

To start to know how to protect folder, you are required to double click on the program you’ve download, and then install Advanced Folder Encryption by following the Setup Wizard.

Step 2 Add Folders to the Encryption List

Click on “Advanced Folder Encryption ” icon on desktop and open the main window of the program to begin to password protect folders. Here you have 3 ways to add folders to the encryption list.
Open your disk and fin the folder you wish to protect, click on it and then drag it to the blank area of the main window and then drop it;

Navigate to “Encrypt Folder” option on the task bar of the main widow and select the folder to protect;

Open the folder needs protection, and then right-click on it, navigate to “Encrypt” option on the Right-click Menu.

Step 3 Enter Password and Complete Password Protection

After adding folders to the list, in the prompted window you can enter password and then confirm it.

Step 4 Choose Security Level and Display Mode to Protect Folder

Next, you need to select a Security Level from the three options:
Normal: Protect folders with the fastest speed and good security strength, a suitable for folders with large size;

High: Encrypt folders in a medium size and speed with higher security strength;

Highest: Protect folders in small volume and relatively slower speed with the strongest security strength.

Selecting one of them according to your actual need!
Next, you can choose to hide or display the protected folder on your local drive disk. “Hidden” means the folder is hidden from the user who opens your drive, and you can access to your data in the main window of the software; “Local” refers to displaying your password protected folder on the original directory with a special protected mark on it, and you can access it freely with your password.

Then click on “Encrypt” button to finish password protecting folders on your PC!

Kindly Tips:

  • When you wish to access folders after you password protect folder with Advanced Folder Encryption, open the main window of the program, find the folder in the encryption list, then double click on it, enter your password in the following window to unprotected it!
  • Advanced Folder Encryption offers an extremely strong strength of security by adopting the industry-standard 256-bit AES real-time encryption technology so that there is no need for you to worry about the losing and leakage of the confidential data and documents.
  • Apart from password protecting folders, Advanced Folder Encryption has exquisite feature to password protect files, shred unwanted files and protect and hide a local drive disk.
  • Three different security levels at your choice and meet the need of people with different requirements of the protection.
  • Simple and easy steps to password protect folders on Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP and allow you feel totally at ease and free from the headache of data losing!