How to Protect Folders with Advanced Folder Encryption?

People now more or less keep some confidential files in their computer and these files range from personal pictures to credit card record. Can you imagine the consequence of losing these data? Of course no one wants to have their sensitive files or folders flown into the wrong hand.

Want to know what the easiest and the safest way to protect your data is? It's using the method of encryption and password protection, mostly they can be realized easily by a professional folder encryption application. With Advanced Folder Encryption, the All-in-one folder lock software which allows you create your own secure folder. Now, no one can access, rename, or copy the data that you protected. More importantly, protection works in all applications, even in DOS and Safe Mode. There are no tricks to bypass this protection.

To ensure file and folder security in your computer, you can download a free trial of Advanced Folder Encryption here and get to know how to protect folders with this folder encryption program.
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Step 1. Install Advanced Folder Encryption

To begin to lock files and folders in your computer, you can install Advanced Folder Encryption by following the Setup Wizard.

Main Window

Step 2. Add files/folders to encrypt now

This is the main window. Simply drag and drop files/folders in the window to encrypt folder and file

There is another way for you to add files and folders you want to encrypt to the encryption list. ?Right-click on the folder or file and then navigate to "Encrypt" option.


Step 3. Input a password and select the security level to encrypt

Here you can enter your password and then confirm it, then choose a security level from “Normal”, “High” and “Highest” according to your actual need.

Next, if you want to completely hide it, check the "Hidden" Option, if you are not, check “Local”. ?After file and folder encryption, you can find the hidden folder from the file list of the main window.


Then your file or folder has been protected successfully.

Step 4. Enter the password to open the file/folder

The difference between 3 different modes:
Browse: After decryption, the program will re-encrypt the file/folder as soon as it was closed.
Temporary: The file/folder is unprotected temporarily and should be restored protection manually.

Complete: Completely decrypt the file/folder.

Decrypt the folder with password

Kindly Tips:

  • Advanced Folder Encryption using the strongest military standard on-the-fly 256-bit AES encryption technology to password protect folders and files from the snooping and peeping of any unauthorized user, so that you are free from the annoying of data breach and data leakage.
  • To ensure data security in your sensitive files and folders, you'd better enter a password more than 8 characters, this will make sure others cannot guess your password easily.
  • Apart from password protecting files and folders in Windows system, Advanced Folder Encryption offers your more useful and personalized features such as shred unwanted files or folders permanently and hide the whole local drive disk.
Threats exist in every corner of the Internet world, so there is never too much to emphasis the data security of folders.