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Folder Protector Log

Feb 06, 2015: v6.38

Fixed: Cannot receive password retrieve e-mail in some cases.


May 22, 2013: v6.15

1. Fixed some bugs.
2. Enhance the encryption level.


December 26, 2012: v6.02

1. Fixed some bugs.
2. Enhance the encryption level.


November 22, 2012: v6.01

1. Use new attractive user interface.
2. Added built-in newsletter subscribe.
3. Allows to use registration key as login password in case you forget it.
4. No need to restart the program when switch language.
5. Check for updates automatically
6. Compatibility with Windows XP/2003/WIN7/WIN8 x64


December 11, 2011: v5.73

Added icon to security strength option

Added file decryption option in right-click menu

Fixed a problem that users can not use right- click function when login as an ordinary user in Windows 7

Fixed a bug that a few users are not access folder by virtual disk mode.

Fixed bug of safety e-mail validation error in this version .

Not allow to unprotect folder with an older version.


December 5, 2011: v5.71

Added reminding of entering into the tutorial page for the first time user

Added searching encrypted folder feature

Added update reminding feature

Command line supported.

Show the name of folder to be protected in the window title


August 29, 2011: v5.60

Added safety e-mail feature, users can restore password through e- mail


May 30, 2011: v5.56

Fixed a minor display bug


May 11, 2011: v5.55

Compatible with Windows 10/8/7


March 13, 2011: v5.52

Fixed bug in failing to pop up the password prompt

Added Spanish language

Support UNICODE Characters in multi-language


October 11, 2010: v5.50

Optimized the core algorithm, and made encryption faster

Support multi-language, no longer displaying messy code when switch to non- native language

Fixed a minor bug that v5.4x cannot compatible with files encrypted in the highest security strength by v5.28


January 18, 2010: v5.45

Added password box automatically converting full-width to half-width function, avoided inputting error


2009: v 5.4x

Improved password recovery function

Added Korean language

Fixed Compatible problem with old versions

Fixed a bug appear in password recovery


2008: v5.3x

Limited the times of attempt to input password, avoid theft of password

Fixed bug in shutting down of the virtual drive under certain circumstances

Changed a new skin

Revised the recognition problem existed when encrypted folders are modified or destructed by external program




2006: v1.0