How to DRM Protect Video/PDF with SafeDRM?


1. How to drm Protect video/PDF?
2. How to play encrypted video?

3. How to use the dashboard?


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1. How to DRM Protect Video/PDF?


1. Download the SafeDRM Encryption: https://www.kakasoft.com/files/SafeDRMEncrypt.exe
2. Install the software

3. Run the software and enter the login account. (Enter the test account during the trial period, After you purchase the full version, we will generate a vendor account for you.)

Username: demo

Password: 123456




Click the "Add File" button and select the video file or PDF file to encrypt, or simply drag-and-drop files into the encryption window.

Note: Mp4 file format is recommanded.


Choose course: classify videos into a certain course.

You can also click "New Course" to create a new course.
Click "Next" and select the encryption mode.


Click "Encrypt Now"


Encrypting files.


Download Sample:


(You could download the sample video to have a test. Please note .vep file could only be played with SafeDRM Player.)


After the encryption, you could see the generated .vep files from the source directory.



Send the encyrpted .vep files to students directly or upload them to Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive and share to students.

Note: Before the students could play the encrypted video files and PDF files, they have to download SafeDRM Player and obtain a login accout from the vendor(Vendors could create user accounts from the dashboard.).


2. Install SafeDRM Player to view DRM-Protected content

1. Windows: https://www.kakasoft.com/files/SafeDRMPlayer.exe

Learn more: How to use SafeDRM to play video in Windows?


2. Android: In Google Play, search "SafeDRM" and install


Learn more: How to use SafeDRM to play video in Android?


3. iOS: In Apple Store, search "SafeDRM" and install. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/safedrm/id1489416182

Learn more: How to use SafeDRM to play video in iOS?


4. Mac: Download SafeDRM here




3. How to use the dashboard?

Vendor dashboard: http://safedrm.kakasoft.com

Enter the test account, username: demo , Password:123456


From the dashboard, you could add user account for your students.



Here you can configure the user account: set expiration dates, license courses, the number of devices students could log in, etc.



For other features, please refer to the dashboard tutorial.