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USB Copy Protection is specialized in copy protection of all files and documents on all kinds of USB drives to control and supervise all digital copyrights in USB. It supports copy protecting a wide range of major media formats in diversified methods and be capable enough to stop illegal copy, distribution and breaching of your intellectual properties and presentation material contents from being misused.

Benefits for USB Copy Protection

  • Copy protect files on USB: files stored in USB drives cannot be copied to other folders or drives.
  • Prevent illegal deletion: files cannot be deleted from USB drive disks or modified without permission.
  • Disable print& save as: copy protected files in USB drives cannot be printed or save as from the disk.
  • Set expiry date: Administrator is able to restrict the visiting time span for specific USB drive user.
  • Restrict using times: certain user can only visit the copy protected files for certain number of times which are set by the administrator.
  • Total control: able/disable up to 15 kinds of access permissions for files in USB drives
  • Multiple ways of copy control: Administrator can able/disable access permission directly, allow visits form specific IP or only copy protect specific media formats in USB drives.
  • Support all USB drives: copy protect USB flash drive, pen drive, thumb drive, memory stick, memory card, HDD hard drive and other external USB storage drive disks.
  • Support multiple formats: copy control a wide range of formats, such as image, audio, video, office documents, PDF, exe and other major media formats.

USB copy protection application is an advanced digital copyright protection solution for files on all kinds of USB drives.

KakaSoft USB Copy Protection –an USB copyright solution for prevent unauthorized copy and duplication of files in USB drives. It allows USB disk owners to control and again access permissions on USB drives through many ways and supports copy protection for files from office documents, audios, videos, exe files, PDF files to other major formats. Without permission of the administrator, a regular user can only open and view the file content and have no right to copy, paste, delete, print or save as any file in the protected USB drive. Advanced software configurations of USB Copy protection offer multiple layers of protection so that you will never need to worry about breach and illegal copy of your valuable files.


USB Copy Protection File Formats:

  • 1. PDF, XML, TXT Documents
  • 2. Executable Programs
  • 3. BMP, JPGGIF and PNG Pictures and Photos
  • 4. Audio Formats(MP3, WAV, etc.)
  • 5. Video File Formats(WMV, MOV, RM, MP4, etc.)
  • 6. WORD,EXCEL,PPT Documents.
  • 7. CAD, DWG drawing

Note:USB Copy Protection is continually updating supported file types. Contact us for special projects or to double check a supported format.